Which is the graph of g(x) = (0.5)x + 3 – 4?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Graph (A)Step-by-step explanation:Given question is incomplete; find the question in the attachment.Given function is g(x) = [tex](0.5)^{x+3}-4[/tex]Parent function of the given function is,f(x) = [tex](0.5)^{x}[/tex]When the function 'f' is shifted by 3 units left over the x-axis, translated function will be,h(x) = f(x+3) = [tex](0.5)^{x+3}[/tex]When h(x) is shifted 4 units down, translated function will be,g(x) = h(x) - 4g(x) = [tex](0.5)^{x+3}-4[/tex]g(x) has a y-intercept as (-4).From the given graphs, Graph A shows the y-intercept as (-4).Therefore, Graph A will be the answer.